U.K. Coffee Shop Stats


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Apr 29, 2005
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I know quite a bit about the US gourmet coffee industry, but I've recently moved to the UK and I was wondering if anyone has run into stats, i.e., average cusomer spend with and without pasteries, profit margins (probably similar to US), what would be considered a resonable rent for a decent high street location, general coffee industry stats, etc. Anything would be a help. I feel pretty foolish but I purchased a coffee shop business plan from a UK consultant and it's just a generic plan with random #s plugged in and no industry stats.


peter j

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Nov 7, 2004
Ross on Wye, UK
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Retail Coffee Set Up in UK

Hi, believe it or not I will offer some unbiassed info', if you like. I am a specialty roaster in the U.K. and work with a wide cross section of companies. Your first gut instinct was right...the real estate is too high, but this is starting to change.
Go and roast on the high street!!
Unfortunately us Britts don't really like the smell of coffee roasting! Me and team not included..
Talk to me... :)