UPDATE - Chicago Coffee Fest forum get together


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Nov 3, 2004
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We have about 5 of our employees coming to Coffee Fest as well as our booth people (4 of us). We are going out for dinner on Saturday night with our team and want to open it up as an option for those forum people wanting to join us.

We are either going to Giordanos for Chicago style pizza (www.giordanos.com) or Bucca di Beppo (www.bucadibeppo.com) for great Italian food and atmosphere. I would like to be able to make reservations for a group and would like to know if anyone wants to commit to joining us. I was going to make reservations for somewhere between 10 and 50 people and wanted to narrow it down. Anyone want to commit? We will still be meeting right after the trade show floor closes on Saturday and then probably mosey over. I'll make reservations for about 7 or 8PM.

Please post if you are committing and how many will be in your group.

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Another little twist. The SCAA is having a mixer from 6-8PM at Intelligentsia Roasting Works. We (my team and I) may do that first AND THEN have the great pizza and fun with all of us. About the only difference is dinner may be a little later (all the hungrier to eat the pizza!)

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OK, here is the latest. No one will give us reservations if we don't have an exact number of people. So I made reservations for 16 at Buca di Beppos. We (the group coming with me) will have 9 so we will have room for another 7 at our table. But, I am sure there will be room at other tables for more if you are interested in going to Buca's. If you have never been there it is a fun and delicious Italian joint.

Otherwise those who want to join together and go to a different restaurant can all just make plans when meeting after the trade show closes.

See you all about 5:15!