Urgent: CoffeeBeans Shipped to China?


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Oct 6, 2004
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hey, does any one know whether coffeebeans can be shipped directly to China or not? Any quotation needed? As i am an owner of a coffeeshop in china which needs the coffee beans badly, I am urgently looking for ways of buying beans here and ship them to China... is that feasible?

Thanks a lot


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Sep 25, 2003
Syracuse NY
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Will you be roasting the beans over there? If that's the case then shipping from the US is certainly an option although not the least expensive one. Certainly there must be reputable coffee brokers closer to China who bring bulk shipments of coffee in through those ports and would have far faster and cheaper shipping to China.

There are two coffee dealers in Indonesia who are working with quality beans and might be contacted - they're much closer to China and it might be a favorable arrangement for you.

First is Mr. Widya at Aroma Coffee in Bandung West Java Indonesia and the other is Alun Evans at http:www.mederkacoffee.com (sorry I have no contact info for Mr. Widya)