Vacuum Brewers and Commercial Use


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Aug 18, 2004
Has anyone encountered a commercial cafe that uses exclusively vacuum brewers. Or does anyone know of a 'commercial grade' vacuum brewer? Is it do-able considering the time it takes to brew the coffee? After reading all the message boards out there on coffee, it appears that this method is one of the best. Why not use it on a 'commercial basis'? Or are there commercial grade brewers out there that can produce similar coffee as these vacuum brewers?? If so, which ones? I'm very intrigued by the vacuum brewing method but this method sounds like it is just for 3-5 cups. Yes, I'm a novice on this forum, but if one wanted to pursue this method of brewing for a commercial establishment, what would you recommend one do to brew a suffient amount of coffee for the increased traffic? I've read that Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland uses the French Press. Does anyone know if this is their sole method of brewing? If so , how do they deal with the increased volume demands since a French press is not likely to yield much coffee either. Just curious as to what everyone thinks.
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Feb 11, 2004
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If you can find the history of Bodum, which I think is on their website they mention a cafe/restaurant that used santos brewers only and had banks of them on the go at any one time. Cona do vacuum brewers with a 2 pint capacity, but they're not cheap, Cona being a company in the UK I think that means the the pints are larger than US pints 19.2 US fluid oz per pint if I remember rightly. I personally use a Bodum Santos (hob version not the electric) and I love it there's no other way to say it, the flavour is unbelieveable. I suppose that the reason they're not common in commercial establishments is that they are made from glass and get top heavy when brewing, or clumsy waiters, dont know which would do the most damage but at nearly $200 for a 2 pint cona do you want to find out? You could keep it behind the counter and do it in front of people if they order it or invite them over to watch. If you want to speed it up fill the bottom jug with nearly boiling water and just let the flame do the rest.

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