Valve or No Valve? Your Experiences


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Apr 14, 2021
Roasted coffee gets stored 6 ways to Sunday. There's a lot of talk about valves on bags for roasted coffee and am wondering about your experiences around them.

Context: I figure that a valve is great for longer-term storage, like maybe selling through grocery stores, or shipping the coffee at longer distances, but I'm not really seeing the benefit if your business' goal is to sell the freshest coffee. Especially if the consumer is going to be using that bag of coffee right away, the valve looses value as you're airing out your coffee each time you open it.

Furthermore, a lot of great, more sustainable coffee storage containers don't contain the 1 way valve, for the same reason as before with airing out the beans.

Last, the valved option seems to be more spendy. As an example, the difference between a 12-16 oz Matte Black Side Gusseted Bag from TricorBraun is $0.41 to $0.37, or 4 cents per bag. It doesn't break the bank, but does add up over time, especially if it's superfluous.

What thinkest thou, internet?


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Aug 14, 2003
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Valves cost closer to 10 to 11 cents each. I have to have valves on my bags. We sell online and also provide our bagel chain. The pre portion bags have to have a valve or the bag will burst from degassing. The valve actually cost more than the silver pouches we use for in house coffee.


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May 11, 2014
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My valves are about $.12 cents each through PBFY... small cost that IMO is worth it. I do offer my customers the ability to have their coffee pre-ground, valves are almost necessary for those bags. You get SOO much expansion they wouldn't fit in the shipping containers.
Valves for me.
I typically only sell whole beans and I bag them immediately after roasting.
The CO2 after a few days would probably burst the bags if they didn't have valves.
You would have to let the coffee de-gas for quite a few days before being able to use bags without valves.
How many? Don't care.
I put the roast date on all my bags of coffee.
The majority of my customers are very happy to buy beans that are roasted that day.
I always tell customers to let the coffee "rest" for a couple of days after the roast date - more for my espresso blends.


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Jul 8, 2017
Definitely valves. If you pack fresh coffee, and more so ground coffee that is 2-4 day old, it can pop a bag without a valve.


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Apr 14, 2021
Thank you, all, for your opinions. It sounds like the overwhelming position is that valves are a must! I will proceed accordingly.