VBM vs Cimbali


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Jun 13, 2005
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Ok .. I think I'm learning quick... I need a Rocky grinder (or Zassenahus manual grinder) coz I'm not gonna pay for a Mazzer.

I'm still a newbie so am not sure whether Cimbali domus (new stg360) or VBM Domobar (new stg700) is the better idea.

I now think I understand that Gaggia Classic is maybe ok if you look after it but really the Syncro thing aint ideal - either way they are still Gaggia's which isnt ideal.

Relative value / difficulty of learning to use the Cimbai vs the VBM : My guess is that VBM is better long term but harder to learn to use and twice the price so I should go for Cimbali ?

Anyone else willing to express a view based on experience or reliable hearsay ?