Volume vs. weight


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Mar 11, 2009
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I would think that the easiest way to measure roasted coffee for brewing would be to scoop the beans and then grind them. 7 grams beans = 7 grams ground. Most of the coffee measures are for ground beans and equate volume to weight, which can vary. Measuring beans by volume to arrive at 7gr may be more difficult, as bean sizes vary and beans are much less compact than ground coffee. Short of weighing each scoop, is there a general rule by which I could scoop up X volume (cc, oz, etc.) of beans and generally arrive at the recommended weight/volume of ground coffee?

I did a little test and found that a slightly rounded, 1/4 cup of beans weighed 22.5gr, or the amount I'd use for three (5-6oz) cups. There are several variables for beans, ground or not. Beans come in different sizes and individual weights. The roast of a given variety can affect the weight. I'm just looking for a rule of thumb, as it seems preferable to scoop some beans into my grinder and grind only enough for immdeiate use. My grinder, a Maestro Plus, is time based. Thanks.