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Feb 20, 2007
San Marcos, TX
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Hey everyone!
I'm new to the coffee forum scene, but not to the coffee scene. I joined this because I would love to get in touch with some people within the whole roasting part of the coffee world. I've been a barista for years now and I love coffee altogether.
I take pride in the excellency of coffee and would love to talk to other people who do as well. I worked as sales for a roaster before, and know some of the basics about the whole ordeal.

I move to San Francisco in a few months and want to know if anyone has any suggestoins of respectable roasters in that area that I can get in touch with. Atleast to view their facilities and taste their coffees.

If you just want to talk about origins or roasts or getting the best foam action or pulling the best espresso shot or machines or anything, send messages. I'm not too knowledgable, but I research and learn more everyday just from gaining more experience and reading magazines or these forums.

thank you.


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Aug 26, 2006
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Hi, I would imagine that in San Francisco there's no shortage of places you can get some good foam action :lol:

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