Water Softener Help NEEDED


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May 7, 2006
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I am new to this forum and am looking for suggestions on softening water for my latte stand. I have a Conti Twin Star that uses water I put in bottles. I just had a problem with the machine and hard water was determined to be the case.

I hear about chemical solutions, magnetic solutions, and very expensive system solutions. Anyone know of an affordable solution? I am a small low volume operation.

Water Softner

Most espresso machine companies offer small water softners made for espresso machines or try espressoparts.com
Yeah like Alun said you should check out the company were you made the purchase. it is strange that a softener was not included with the purchase, keep us updated as I'm looking to set-up a latte stand in the future.
You could use Countertop Water Filters or Water Filter Pitcher which could help you with an average cost, for more suggestion you can visit watersoftenersblog.com
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