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May 4, 2005
New Mexico
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What temp should the water be for proper extraction? I currently use a Capresso Classic. The machine seems ok, very nice crema and good taste depending on the beans I use but the espresso comes out at between 159 and 160 degrees. I thought you needed 180 degrees F. to extract caffene from beans. It doesn't seem like it should cool down that much on the way out.

I always run a double shot plus of water thru the machine before brewing the first cup. This also preheats the cup. They claim the pump is 18 bars but the machine is pretty finickey about the grind and the amt of tamping. That is, a courser grind than I remember when I had a Pavoni 25 years ago and also and not so heavily packed. The grounds in the sieve are always looking very wet on top and sometimes even a bit sloshy in the sieve. Is there something about their sieve and the size of it's screen that negates the necessity for a finer grind and less packing. I use a Capresso bur grinder set on the finest medium setting or else the first fine setting. I'm still experimenting with grind versus the amount of tamping.

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Most barista will say the ideal water temp should be about 203 when the water coming out of the screen and contacting the grind. But most machines are set to about 190. Depending on the temperature of the portafilter, and cup, your espresso might be cooling down faster than it should.


Jan 7, 2005
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The temperature of espresso is much lower than the water out of the group head. I do not know if your machine can have its temperature adjusted or not. But normally, I used to turn it to the maximam, and then adjust the water pressure. For home machines, the water pressure is not adjustable, and you can only make your espresso as the machine is right on the right pressure, and together with some other skills like ground quantity and grind size.