What is the local name of COFFEE in your country?

coffeetology girl

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Jun 12, 2006
Hi there!

For the love of coffee, I would like to know how coffee is called worldwide. For example, In the Philippines the local term of coffee is "KAPE"

How about in your country?

You participation will be much appreciated
Here and in Malaysia (and sometimes Singapore) its "Kopi". You also have "Kopi Bubuk" (powdered or instant coffee), "Kopi Susu" (coffee with milk), "Kopi Tarik" (more malaysian/singaporean- coffee pulled in a long pour through a sock), "Kopi Tubuk" (coffee made from fine grinds in a tall glass- similar in ways to Turkish coffee...and finally "Kopi Luwak"...needs no explanation! :shock:


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Oct 24, 2005
Coffee Name

Here in rural Northeastern Maryland, USA those with an IQ above room temperature call it coffee. The rest of us just point at the urn and make grunting noises.

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Mar 22, 2006
Dallas, TX
in Ethiopia & Eritrea...

I'm from East Africa,

so I know that in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan & even in Nubia , we call coffee "Boon" or "Boonnah".

Caffe Latte

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May 10, 2004
New York City
in NYC, it's Coffee, Cawfee, Joe (as in a cup o' Joe), or if you are at a cheap diner, It's known as Sludge, at a coffee cart, it's "weak coffee flavored beverage"

and on the simpons

"Oh Superintendent Chaumers, can I offer you a cup of coffee flavored Beverine"
"yes, I take it gray, with cream"