What model is this Gaggia? Is it a Gaggia at all?!

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Apr 5, 2022
Hi there

Lately, and ever since I managed to make some latte art with a french press, I've been interested in purchasing an espresso machine to enjoy making espresso and latte at home. unfortunately, my budget is tight and I cannot afford to buy a brand-new machine, and a used machine seems like the only option I have right now.
I found this used machine that looks like a Gaggia on the Facebook marketplace, the owner says the logo has been wiped off because the machine is pretty old, as he also said that it makes pretty weak coffee.
Could anybody identify which brand and model is this machine? and why does it make light coffee?
Best wishes


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Aug 14, 2003
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To me it looks like an older gen classic pro. New classic pros go for about $499. On to why the coffee might be weak. It could be a lot of reasons. It could be the coffee wasn't fresh, ground properly and so on. It could be the water isn't hot enough to extract a proper shot....or maybe not enough pressure like the pump is failing. Anyone else want to chime in?