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I get caffeined at work! All day long.
Kicking Horse still the tops!

Just switched to Guatemala La Tacita from Moose's Coffee and Taylor Dawson Roasters. I find it more subtle than the more robust Three Sisters from Kicking Horse Coffee. I think I favor the Three Sisters, still, at least today!
Confirmed...for me.

Yeah, after 1/2 lbs. of the Guatemala La Tacita, I still gotta stick with Kona and Kicking Horse Blend The Three Sisters as superior for my taste, despite the over-the-top review at Coffeereview.com for the former. :?
Cafe Beau Rivage

Hey Topher-

Thanks for the great coffee samples! I've just tried out the Cafe Beau Rivage :) Very dark and very smooth- terrific!

Thanks also for the burlap coffee sack- It'll look great on my office wall! Maybe I'll hang it along with an aphorism: "The key to good health, vitality, energy, and mental and physical well being! A coffee a day keeps the blues and blahs away!" :lol:
Favoritie Coffee

My favorite coffee is definitely the cafe cubano! Visiting in the highlands of the Western Provence, freshly dried out in the sun, roasted and brewed by "Maria" in the traditional Cuban style..."Cubita" and I fell in love.
Fav of the Day

I really love alot of coffees. The last great one I had was Storyhouse Coffee Kaanapali Estate Maui Moka Prime! I liked more than the Kona I'm drinking today! (Although, the Kona I've got now is probably not the nearly the best available)

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