Where do you get your Cacophony beans???


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Feb 13, 2008
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A couple months ago I stumbled across an eBay store called 'Cacophony Café and Roastery.' Apparently, they are some small roaster in Florida. I think they are a pretty well known brand but I am having trouble finding shops that carry them. I live in New York and I have some friends here and in California that buy beans from there but I have been unable to find the beans anywhere but eBay.

Just as an FYI to anyone who has not heard of them, I found these beans one day because they had a special running, $0.99 for a bag of low acid Indian Monsooned Malabar (a personal favourite but very hard to find) so, I figured I had nothing to lose. It was simply out of this world, incredibly fresh and the best flavour I have ever had. The smell from first opening the box turned my whole house into a coffee shop. I thought it would be worth asking to see if anyone else has ever tried their coffee or has ever seen it sold. If so, please share, I would love to be able to buy this locally.

If anyone is interested, I copied the link to their eBay store. It looks like they have a pretty simple set up but trust me, the beans are outstanding.