Which coffee?


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Dec 29, 2007
Gold Coast, Australia
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I''ve always been an ''instant'' coffee drinker. For a few months, I got really busy at work and was on the road all day. So I started buying ''take out'' coffee from the usual chains, starbucks etc...

So from then i jst couldnt go back to instant...then i started getting very picky with the takeout coffee....(still yet to find a cafe that will consistantly make a good cup of coffee).

They way i like my coffee (and im sure it''ll be to many connisseurs disgust) is similar to how instant is made. mainly coffee with a dash of milk and bit of sugar.

The reason Im posting this, is because I am struggling to discover what kind of coffee I acually want. The takeout coffee I order is a ''flat white'' which is similar to a late''....

I cam inches away from purchasing a ''Gaggia Baby Twin'' machine today then backed out at the last minute. I''ve tried using the french press buy i stuggle to make the perfect cup as there are so many variables. The reason i backed out from the espresso machine was i jst dont think I want to take my coffee as an espresso shot, or as a milky late style coffee every morning.

So I guess my question is, which style of coffee extracting would suit me best?

My ideal cup - Mainly coffee (not tooooo strong but definately a kick) with a dash of milk and sugar.

Sorry this all probably sount like complete jibberish but ive been very very confused and having a very hard time to come up with a satisfactory way to have my coffee on a daily basis..

Thanks for any help



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Mar 22, 2007
Seattle, WA
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From what it sounds like, a great drink for you to try at these chains would be a "triple tall (12oz) americano with room" then either yourself or they can add milk or sugar. Personally with americano's I like a splash of cream with no sugar.

Home machine wise, starbucks carries a nice intro espresso machine if you can find any left. Stay away from the Sirena because it blows, but their Saeco works well. Also Breville makes a nice machine for a good price, don't go spending the big bucks until your sure you'll actually be using the machine. Either that, or learn to use a french press properly because if you know how to use one, it's a consistant cup of coffee everytime. Remember; you need a really course grind when using a press, and if your not getting a good amount of crema your coffee is probably getting stale.