Which pump driven Espresso machine should I get?


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Jan 18, 2006
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I have recently learned that my cheap steam forced espresso machine is probably the reason my lattes at the house seem to always taste bitter compared to what I get at coffee houses.

Because of this, I'm in the market for a pump driven machine, or a machine that will produce espressos and lattes that will taste more similar to what I can get in a coffee house. I was considering a Saeco Gran Crema or their other less expensive model, but now I read this may not be the right move.

What are some good lower priced models to consider? (I realize that even a lower priced model which makes good espressos will probably be over $100.) I'd like to get a machine that is not too large, very dependable, and produces great tasting lattes. (I would be grinding my beans at my house.)

Any suggestions?
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Any suggestions as to where I can get more educated on which machine I should purchase for home use.

I plan to buy one soon, and I will pay what price it takes to get a good home machine that will make better tasting espressos than a Mr. Coffee. I'm leaning to a Saeco, but this is primarily because I know they are the manufacturer of the Starbucks machine. I'd rather make my decision based on a more educated decision.
Try http://home-barista.com/ or http://coffeegeek.com/ for reviews, info and tips on espresso machines and espresso making.

Espresso will be only as good as the beans, grind and machine you use.

Fresh roasted beans and a high quality grinder able to produce even, fine grinds necessary for espresso extraction is very important.

A good machine with a pump able to produce 9 atmospheres of pressure (more than that does not make better espresso) with the ability to keep a stable, optimal brewing temperature and with the abiltiy to quickly heat up a good quantity of water for dry steam is important for espresso making and milk frothing. Good grinders and machines up to the task of making good espresso tend to be costly.

I don't have experience enough to give advice on a machine just over $100 that makes a good espresso and froths well. There's a lot of machines listed on this site http://www.espresso-deluxe.com/espresso ... s-all.html Good luck in your search.

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