Which Roaster to buy?


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Oct 1, 2009
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We are a small roasting company wishing to purchase a new or reconditioned roaster. A 30 kg roaster is going to allow us to grow up to 1000 kgs per week without spending long hours or double shifts in front of a smaller machine. Should we be looking at Probat, Detrich, Ambex or Turkish Toper, Has Garanti? The price of the Turkish roasters NEW is half that of Probat etc.

Is the reliability / performance of the Turkish roasters the difference or is it more the engineering (motors, temp control, air flow) not of the same spec.

Some people have likened it to buying a car (BMW v Toyota) they are drive but one will handle better and last longer.

I would love help in finding my way through to the wood.

Cheers Kiwi


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Mar 28, 2005
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Dear Cheers Kiwi

Did you get an offer from Toper?
Visit Toper web site and meet them, you can see the service qualty of Toper Sales Teams also if you have a chance to visit Toper factory, They can show you many kinds of different things and machine referancess.



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My current roaster was bought on recommendation and what I can afford at the time. I would have to say it was a mistake. Now, if I were to buy a roaster, I'd spend a few days in each places roasting on the exact roaster that you are thinking of buying, then cup the results and go from there.