which space would you choose?


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Feb 5, 2006
Rochester NY
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I am looking for a space for coffee/pastry shop. I have seen 3 different places all different. Because of demographics what are your thoughts:
1-a space next to dept of motor vehicle i a building where 300-400 people come each day, open m-friday. rent $1500 month.
2-a mall that became dead, tryiing to revive with new owner, occupancy about 35%now, space in front of childrent big indoor play pit where parents flock to watch the kids play, rent $1500 now possibly raise in 15-18 months to $3000.
3-a space in a little plaza, that I would have to make my own traffic. rent $1100 month.

Traffic is a hard thing to consider, and is it the traffic I am looking for. Like to hear your thoughts and what you think? Thanks.

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