Who makes chai mix?

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Mar 22, 2006
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Does anyone know who makes the chai concentrate that companies like Starbucks, Tazo and Caribou use (I don't think they make it themselves, at least Starbucks chai says "manufactured for Starbucks" on it...)?

I'm also wondering if whoever makes the mix will sell it to you and let you put your own name on it?

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We use David Rio. It is a powder that you have to mix. They have approx. 6 varities. When I was looking for Chai to bring in, my staff and myself sampled 3 Chai's that are on the market.

The one thing I like about David Rio is that they sell 2 SF/Decaf Chai's that you have a hard time telling they are SF when steamed w/milk.

I wouldn't bring in Oregon Chai into my establishment mainly because it is sold at our local Costco and that my competition uses it. I wanted to separate myself as an Independant.

That's my 2 cents.


If you really want to set yourself apart why dont you make the chai yourself...but check with local board of health because it is pretty involved and there are some health concerns(not to mention how much cardimon costs in the US)