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Mar 21, 2004
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Would anyone be able to give some prices the warehouses such as Atlas, Holland, Royal, etc would ask for good quality Latin American, African, and Asian beans ? They dont disclose pricing on their websites and I don't want to just call them up and sound as stupid as i am. I go to future source and know that the futures price is in the $.75 - $.80 range but how much are premium beans marked up. I'm sure it depends on quantity, but lets say somewhere between 1 bag and 100 bags. Thank you for your information.
Brokers I know Arabica buy beans out of Indonesia at around $1.02-$1.05 per kg (18MT 20' container loads). These beans are generally estate grown and come from the big plantations in East Java, Central Java and Northern Sumatra. I suspect they are onselling at destination at roughly $4-$4.50 per KG. Of course they get the good rates because the general minimum order from estates is a container. I could not comment on what they sell small, more unique Indonesian coffees for- but here in Indonesia we sell green beans to local roasters for around $4.25- $4.95 per kg price variance depending on whether its fair traded or not.

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Oct 19, 2003
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Hi ekrockford:

Since you've found out who some of the brokers are, your best bet is to call them. Don't worry about sounding stupid. That is not the point. As in anything your research you have to ask questions. Brokers will tell you what their pricing is. Especially if you become a customer. Personally I deal with a couple of brokers because if one is out then I have another source to work with. It also helps if you have a bonded warehouse in your state. This will save you some costs in shipping. Besides your pricing will depend on the quanities you buy from them.