why brew with cold water?


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May 7, 2005
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I have a question: Why do experts recommend brewing with cold water?

I have a hot water heater feeding my brewer (single airpot) so I can brew back to back more quickly. Why does it matter if the water is heated inside the brewer or if it is heated by a water heater right before entering the brewer?
it doesn't. now think of the source of the water. the mineral content of the
cold water coming in is high or low depending on your water. the water
in the water heater has been sitting for a longer period of time and has
a tendence to be a lot high in minerals. that is why you are supose to flush
the hot water heater . the water out of the hot water heater will not tast as
good as the cold water. also , your machine may take the hot water input,
but the filter that you should have installed in the water line will not. unless
it is designed for hot water. scale build up is bad for the machine, and will
shorten the life expectancy. you notice anything that uses hot water, likes
to build up scale.