Why Did You Need Paper Cup ?


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Oct 3, 2016
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Paper cup maybe is seen as the simple and unimportant part of a product by most of customer. Unfortunately, many business owners also think the same. Actually, paper cup can become one of important thing in your business future. There are many reasons why we put this simple cup that is made of paper in this position.

Brand Identity

It’s made of paper, which means it’s easy to print out your logo, motto, message or anything that you want to attract customer or other people attention. That way you can use this simple cup as the effective marketing tools. If you don’t believe about this matter, just look at the Starbucks paper cup. It was very famous as one of the easy to recognize paper cup in the world. The logo of this company has been printed on it and it becomes their identity in their field of industry. With this high recognition level, this is simply one of best marketing tool.



Compare it with glass cup, paper cup is much simple. It’s simpler in its shape and functionality, as well as usage. Most of paper cup has similar shape. The part that makes it different between one and another is the lid on top of it or Cup sleeve. Other than that, the shape is the same. This means you can modify it at your heart content to make it best tool for your business.

The functionality and usage is also much simpler than glass cup. You don’t want to give glass cup to your customer other than sell it along with your drink product, which make your product overpriced. So, with cheaper paper cup, you can give it away to your customer. This is also important, because you will be able to reach wider range of market, which is good for your business future. Plus, paper cup is also easy to use. Your customer can carry it around wherever they go.

The Secret

The secret we are going to talk here will help you to get best paper cup at the best price. It’s actually pretty simple. What you need to do is only buying it at wholesale store. By buy the paper cup in greater amount, you will get cheaper price and of course, nice amount of supply for your business. The most important thing here is choose the wholesaler that can provide you with best quality paper cup at best price. For this one, you can use KontenaPaper.com.
The main reason why we recommended KontenAPaper.com is their product collection, production concept and quality. First, the product collections they provide are quite complete. It’s not only paper cup. You can get Paper Bowls, paper lunch box and many other accessories and complementary items. So, at one place, you get everything that you want.

KontenaPaper.com use “Green Your World” concept in producing their paper product. This means they product is environmental friendly. With global warming that become worst, this is simple method you can use to prevent that problem become even bigger.
This company also provide paper product for many business and industry. So, it’s not limited to culinary or beverage business. If you have company, hotel, airlines, they will be able to provide anything that you want. More than that, this Grosir Paper Cup store also provide product with best quality. They always try to make their customer satisfied with their product and service. This also can be seen on how they are not only providing product, but also help and even consultation, plus they also ready to become your business partner which makes everything easier. :images::images: