Question: Very, very rare? Can you recommend fully automatic cappuccino machine with paper filter and chiller?


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Oct 15, 2022
Tel Aviv
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I have spent 2 hours researching on web and I cannot find a machine that meets all of my criteria. Can someone recommend?

I am looking for something (preferably 220-volts) that is a fully integrated, fully automatic cappuccino machine that also refrigerates its milk reservoir and uses paper filters (or, if necessary, capsules with paper filter built-in, though an automatic bean grinder would be preferable). I have seen professional machines like this in airport lounges. So in summary, here are the requirements:

1) fully automatic, just place your cup and press a button and have a frothy cappuccino when process is complete (so obviously this would plumbed into water supply)
2) built-in milk reservoir that keeps the milk at refrigerated temperature (this seems to be the rarest feature....usually you have to have a separate unit for keeping the milk cold or put the milk supply in the refrigerator)
3) built-in bean grinder (not essential, capsules would be OK instead)
4) paper filters (or if only capsules, then capsules with built-in paper filter, like I think Keurig has)
5) 220-volts (instead of 110, but, again, this is not essential)

So now a proper summary without too much detail:

1) fully automatic one-touch cappuccino
2) bean grinder or capsules
3) integrated milk reservoir with self-refrigeration
4) paper filtration

Any and all help would be most appreciated! Thank you, experts!