Why Do You Like Coffee? Have You Ever Wonder Why?

coffeetology girl

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Jun 12, 2006
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Hi There!

As I browse the new posts in this forum while sipping my favorite cup of hazelnut-caramel latte :) The question of my friends suddenly come across my mind --- "Why do you like coffee so much!!!???"

Well, since coffee is actually my water (they say that if they slash my arm, no blood will come out; rather, they will be seeing brown liquid that could be espresso with milk, latte or even commercial instant coffee), I actually don't know why I coffee so much. All I know is that I want to drink coffee, the moment I wake-up, after every meal and when I feel have a break in the office.

You, why do you like coffee? Maybe I can get answers from your answers. (Gosh! I love this forum. I get to talk about my favorite drink with interested people)