Why you shouldn't drink iced coffee


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Jul 24, 2020
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... that is coffee Wednesday in the summer version. I do not believe that I am writing this, but today I will advise you not to drink coffee. Take it easy, just frozen. Why? Here are 5 reasons why I refuse to drink this coffee invention. Even when the heat is pouring down from the sky and I only dream of cooling down quickly. Here they are!

wednesday with coffee

I realize that the answer to the question why it is not worth drinking iced coffee will not appeal to everyone. This is just my very subjective view of coffee inventions that attack us from every cafe, especially in summer. And although they are so tempting, I am for them. Here's why:

Iced coffee is empty calories ...
I was looking at a few iced coffee recipes recently. Usually, apart from espresso, a lot of sweet cream or condensed milk, ice cubes, sometimes a scoop of ice cream are added. And finally whipped cream, necessarily topped with a mega sweet sauce with a few pralines and candy sprinkles to make it look nice. Come on, kill me. Such coffee is a caloric bomb in its pure form. Anyway, I wrote about it before (see: how many calories does coffee have?) Besides, I don't think that in this whole sweet mix you can feel at least a hint of the real aroma of coffee ...

It's a coffee drink ...
not real coffee. Yes, I am a traditionalist and I am not ashamed of it - for me coffee must be aromatic, well brewed and… warm. Fortunately, the times of cold coffee sipped on the fly are already behind me. And probably every mother of babies drinks it;) Anyway. I know there are cold-brewed coffees. I've never tried this method, but it's time to finally find out if these are my flavors….

Coffee in cubes?
the simplest frappe you can make at home consists of coffee, cold frothed milk and possibly a splash of whipped cream. Sometimes I also come across a strong espresso closed in ice cubes. You put them in milk and… we have cold coffee. Theoretically. Because for me it's some kind of misunderstanding ...

Prices in cafes ...
for iced coffees they are quite large. After all, this coffee drink is most often obtained in fancy glasses with many additives. Cafes most often explain themselves with the additional costs of such drinks. And this is a plastic, special cup, plus extra ice cubes plus additives. The special cold coffee brewing should also be mentioned. And here's attention- seasonality. Poles drink iced coffee only in summer. This and the price can be raised ... and what.

This coffee will not give you a kick ...
and at most a quick sugar spike, after which you will quickly feel sleepy. Of course, I'm talking about coffee desserts with whipped cream, pralines and other sweets. Because the coffee itself doesn't have to be hot for the caffeine to take effect. But if you add a ton of sugar to it, the effect will be slightly different than intended.

Why is it not worth drinking iced coffee? There is only one answer - because it rarely has anything to do with a real, aromatic drink. More often it is a coffee drink saturated with mega-sweet additives, which are supposed to kill the slightly bitter aftertaste of coffee. This is why some of my friends like this cold coffee so much. I'm just snorting. I drink hot espresso, then top up the liquids with water.

How are you? do you like iced coffee?


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Aug 14, 2003
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If you have low quality coffee you will have horrible iced coffee. In diners the servers constantly are trying to "heat" your coffee up with more hot coffee. The reason is as it cools the negative traits shine through. If you have high quality coffee you do not have to worry about this. That being said. Our first location goes through about `1,000 lbs of coffee ice cubes a week for iced coffees. Lastly not all iced coffee has to have milk and sugar. I see loads of people using the iced coffee as a guiltless dessert. I know, I know flavored coffee is the devil. The thing is loads of people want the taste of dessert without the calories.
I use to drink ice coffee with sugar free vanilla, sugar free caramel and half and half. I’m on a modified Atkins diet from medical reasons and have to limit my self two only twenty carbs a day. Now, I just make iced coffee with high quality single origin coffee from small roasters with filtered milk, half and half or heavy cream and ice. I never froth the dairy product,i just fill the cup with milk, then coffee, then ice. It’s a good thing I have an espresso machine now to make it with all this going on.


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Jul 27, 2020
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Especially in the summer I love iced coffee (or cold brew) - but I almost always drink it black (and then it is slightly watered down from the ice cubes). So no, it’s not the same depth of flavor as hot coffee, but it can be exactly what I need some mornings


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Sep 14, 2020
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Iced Coffee Lover

I'm really an avid fan of Iced coffees because it soothes and calm me plus it gives me energy to keep within the day. But, of course there are times that I would also drink hot coffee whenever the weather is cold. But thank you for this very informative information, I really learned a few points that might be helpful. :heart::coffee-bean:
Mar 27, 2021
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Well, frozen coffee is basically up to you, but I personally love glaze and think it's a great option if it's not cold outside. The main problem is that good glaze is just hard to make.