Will I need an Afterburner on a Diedrich IR-5


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Jan 16, 2015
Hello Coffee World,

We are thinking about upgrading our production roaster to a Diedrich IR-5 and after receiving the quote and seeing the price of the afterburner my jaw about hit the floor. My question to anyone with experience or knowledge on the subject is- what are the chances I am going to need the afterburner on a 5 kilo roaster? I have already reached out to our state (WV) and local environmental agencies to check the policy but wanted to come check here while i wait for them to get back to me. What gives for a new roasting business and how does anyone overcome that astronomical expense?



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Dec 18, 2014
You need to locate the appropriate government agency that enforces air quality regulations in your part of the state (usually regional or county) and ask them. In California, these agencies are called Air Quality Management Districts. In the case with my part of the state, we are not required to have an afterburner for a 5 kilo roaster.


Jun 20, 2014
Most cities don't require afterburners until you reach the 15 kg range. And part depends on if you are in city or county. Cities can be pretty stupid about things. Also where is your business located ? If near a bunch of retail or areas around people you increase the chance of further restrictions or complaints...