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Nov 25, 2004
:roll: you know,... over the last 8 years i've been selling coffee i've seen an amazing change to how people think/drink coffee. living in the uk we're a little behind that of europe. But now we're starting to catch up. i read and listen to what the EXPERTS say about coffee and the problems we face in the industry, but they miss on thing!!DOING WHAT THEY PREECH! I'ts the Suppliers that should envest in Quality training for the rests/bars..etc.. but they don't.
How many times have any of you been and had a coffee and its been made bad, the cap'o is more like a flat white and the espresso is a cup of stained water?? :x ? dont you think bars rests should take more pride in coffee ,I do!!!and im going to MAKE WAR ON THE WANNA BE EGO COFFEE EXPERTS WHO LIKE TO TALK AND NOT DO :twisted:


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Mar 7, 2003
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Always voice your concerns on the coffee. Especially at coffee establishments, not to be a pain but to get the point across. People go to cafes and coffee shops because they want something different and better than the norm. :)

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Nov 20, 2004
Undoubtably our uk industry still has massive problems.

Its the whole cheaper, cheaper, cheaper attitude where people compete solely on price and not on quality. Be it pushing cheap machines, no training, no support. From coffee suppliers encouraging underdosing to decrease cup costs to the fact that there is so little passion to produce the best from the beans - espresso is unsurprisingly a thin, sour and shoddy drink for the most part in this country.

Though I do this for a living I would hate to claim I am an "expert", I don't like that word at all. I still have an amazing amount to learn and I hope I never feel I know it all. But do feel free to question what I teach. I come from a background that wasn't about making money, it was about making good coffee so I never picked up the really bad habits. I hope!


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Nov 29, 2004
it`s about time!

it`s about time! someone said that! you actually sound like you know what you are talking about i`ve been making coffee on traditional espresso machines
for about15 years! and all i hear from people is, wrong imformation!!!!!!
it`s amazing how many coffee`s are made WRONG!!!! if i ask for a capp, i want a capp, not a latte served in the wrong cup. and also how many people think a machiato, is a ninja death move! i totally agree with you! more needs to be done in the training and education coffee! cultural changes demand it! keep up the good work!!!!


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Aug 14, 2003
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umm.... I'ts Macchiato ....sorry just had to bust some chops :p so Chris crazy...where is your shop in manchester? I just had a friend over from Blackpool but she is works for the RMP and she was saying it is hard to find a good cup of coffee back home...tell me your shop and I will send her your way. I will be out that way in a year..so maybe you can serve this yank a good espresso when I get there! :wink:
Interesting comments. I know the SCAE is based in the UK, and from my dealings with them they are a very proffesionally run orgnisation. Driving quality is really the responsibility of all in the industry- suppliers (machine suppliers and roasters) can do their part but often unless the cafe/restaurant manager/owner has a real interest in coffee rather than profit, then shoddy practices from staff will always occur. Its really funny because in the long run well trained staff with a knowledge of coffee and a pride in what they do will result in increased sales and a succesful business. You just need toread some of the postings here and on other boards to see that unfortunatley our business still struggles with many aspects at the retail end. I would venture to say this is not a UK specific problem, but a global one. I have just got back from a trip myself around central Java. It was a buying trip but I had the opportunity to visit one of our cafe partners in Yogyakarta. Granted this is a smallish cafe, but the proffesionalism and real buzz these guys got from retailing coffee was fantastic to see. If only I could bottle there enthusiasm and install it in some of the other, bigger retailers we dealt with! BTW these guys from small beginnings have plans to open another 3 outlets in the next few months.


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Nov 25, 2004
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yep!!its a global issue, but im in the uk where we TRY to be like the continent but dont quite make it because we go down the ST@~~@?#S way BIGGER AND QUICKER IS BETTER!!! And as for the SCAE, well they just watch out for THEM!!!!i hear some realy annoying things from people who are trying to teach and give correct information about coffee not
"Today im here to show you what i can do"
"look i can make pointless pictures on my capp'o"
and to read the rubbish they talk about in mags :roll: makes me :D
"what the opperators need to do is buy good quality coffee"
realy!! now thats a thought isn't it!!

but to all you guys out there who care keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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