William Ukesr book "all about coffee"


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Dec 5, 2005
Hi, people of coffee industry

feve weeks ago I bought the book :) and started to read it. as almost every book on coffee starts with History of coffee and here at this point some doubts come into me.
from different sources one can get very different dates when talking about history...

Question to them who have read this book!

How trustworthy is Ukers history of coffee???

Part of my work consists of making coffee trainings and lectures on coffee and history of coffee is presented in lectures as well. I really don´t want to talk about things that are actually wrong.

Can anyone give some feedback or shear own thoughts on that issue?

Double check it against Mark Pendergasts "Uncommon Grounds", a very large, but very well written tomb on the history of coffee. Mark is recognised as being pretty accurate. His research was used as the base for the Canadian award winning documentary, "Black Coffee".

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