Wood Fire Roasted Espresso Coffee?


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Aug 27, 2009
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Hi coffee forums!

Has anyone tried any coffee that was wood roasted before? A friend of mine recently told me that there are a couple small roasters who are using wood fire to roast their beans. Seems kind of cool, I'm about to order a 1lb bag and see how it is...I'm just curious if anyone out there has had a chance to give wood roasted a shot...
Ya, some Ethiopians who pan roast in very small quantities (large Ethiopian contingent where I live). Other than that how do you control heat and airflow ?
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Well after receiving my 1lb bag of Millar's Genuine Wood Roasted Coffee, I am definitely sold on the Wood Roasted concept. I'm going to try some other brands to compare, but the Millar's blend seems to be very familiar tasting (like it should), but I'm also getting subtle hints of flavor that I can't put my finger on quite. Whatever it is, I'm ready to explore more Wood Roasted Coffee's.

I found a video on Youtube of the owner explaining his wood roasted espresso coffee roaster set-up, and it seems like they have some sort of fan & venting system, as with any other roaster set up. I'm just speaking from what I can see in the video, of course.


There's the link. What do you think?