World Class Coffee VS Plain Jane.

Oct 27, 2010
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I have been trying what have to bee some of the Worlds Best
Coffee, and Loving it !!

Understanding that we all have different Taste,
but some Clearly seems to Stand Out.
The Thailand Coffee tried was Unreal, Smooth as silk,
and had a beautiful Flavor, even without the Cream & Sugar I adore.
OH Mexico as the song says, The Mexican Organic Dark, was , and might be my Favorite,
Chocolate, and rich under tones, that last for a long time after tasting.
We tried other USDA Mountain Grown Fair Trade, that was not even in the
same Quality, not saying there is not any to be had in that range.

Tried a Kona, at a local fast food chain, & was quite displeased, had No Taste
of anything Special that I had heard a Kona had, but was smooth.
With the Skeptic in play, I tried another Kona from a Friends inventory,
and it was Great, Smooth and nice, with a mulit flavor of hard to explain goodness,
and without a doubt, one of the Best.

A Coffee from Columbia had to be the Best from that Region,
as we all have had many from there in a Coffee shop be Average Joe,
But this was so good, I could Drink this Brew Daily, ranking it up there
among the Best we have tried. as it caught me by Surprise.

The Jamaican looks Great and is yet to be tried,
the Paradise Mountain has a Great rep, and can not wait to try also.
The Native Sun was real good, and big in Canada, not my Personal favorite,
but it s the First Coffee my best friend & his sister ever both liked and drank,
and it to is real Good.

We will advise on our Opinion on other World Class Coffee as we try them,
and not before.

Hope to have some of you chime in, as to what might be your Best.

Rick. :)


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Depends on the extraction method. My all-time favorite for drip is a Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo. Very wild, fruity, winey. Used as an espresso makes it way too bright.

For espresso I really stay simple, sticking with a Single Origin Brazil, Ipanema I think. It can be difficult to pull different notes from a SO espresso. One reason I don't care for blends too much. Almost seems as if there is a default created in most blends to allow some flavor to be easily achieved. If the blend is created green, then roasted it can make all the difference. A blend I tried some time ago had a ratio of 70% Brazil, 20% Ethiopia and 10% Sumatra. The problem is/was having the Sumatra roasted darker (blended AFTER roasting) caused it to go rancid quicker, therefore ruining the rest of the blend.... Might have gotten a little of topic.