Your Expert Opinion Please


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Aug 2, 2007
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I want to publish your story. I would like to interview you and collect your expert
opinion on a variety of questions and topics regarding the coffee industry.

My name is Patti and I''m a research assistant, editor and interviewer for a publishing
company. We have a publication in the works about the day to day operations, successes,
challenges and realities of the coffee industry. It is being compiled by a
group of authors and industry business people.

As a supplement, I have been instructed to interview a variety of coffee experts and document
their stories, experiences, triumphs, and challenges. In return, the selected individuals
will receive some real benefits. (I''ll explained later). There will be 10-20 industry related questions
(and maybe a few followups depending upon your responses).

If you are interested in being interviewed, and having your expertise published to a large
audience, please PM me for the complete details. This is definitely a \"mutual benefit\"
situation. Again, I will explain the benefit to all who respond.

Unfortunately, I will only be able to include a few interviews in this supplement,
and as usual in the publishing industry, I''m on a deadline. First come first serve.
No obligation. Just PM me for the complete details.