2005 Ambex YM15 for sale (possibly)


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May 16, 2008
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We are thinking of selling our Ambex YM15 roaster for $17,000. It has the Profile Plus DCQ control unit with it. The only thing it dosn''t do is dump the beans. It was purchased in Aug. 2005 and delivered in nov. It is in excellent condition and used for only about 1.5 years. I talked with Ambex and a new one would cost about $23k with the control unit. I could also include about 18'' of Nordfab duct pipe (which cost about $1,000).
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topher said:
side note...the system now will dump it for you...If I was in the market for a 15 kilo I would be all over that deal!

Thanks. The part that does the dumping can still be added. Also, I meant to say 18 feet of pipe not inches.