Ambex YM10 for Sale

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Feb 18, 2014
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Ambex YM10 for sale. It is black/silver and in excellent condition. Well cleaned and cared for. Taken apart completely cleaned and ready to go again. Used for two years for a small roasting business. Will sell the profile system that I purchased with it and the Norfab ducting ( about 10-12 feet). Located in Ohio. Asking 10,500 or Best offer. message me here if interested.

  • Max Batch Capacity: 22.0 lbs.( usually found the batches to be smaller than this! more like 17 lbs.
  • Maximum Batch: 4/hr
  • Set up for natural Gas.
  • Motors: 3 (Cooling Fan, Drum, Cooling agitator)
  • Power: 120 V 9A (requires dedicated 20Amp)
  • BTU's: 54000
  • Dimensions: 51 L 24 W 63 H
  • Weight: 595 lbs.
  • Digitally controlled with bean probe for accurate roasting
  • Independent roasting and cooling systems
  • Extremely efficient impinged jet gas burners
  • Stainless mantle and cooler


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Aug 14, 2003
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Walker. You should be able to move this quiet quickly. That is a great little unit. If you could post after it sells we would appreciate it. Good luck ;)
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