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Apr 5, 2007
Akron, Ohio
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Hey Folks,
Have you ever had European Coffee, well if you haven't then you have never had truly exceptional coffee. We have built a solid reputation for high quality, traditional European roasted coffee tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of the most critiqued coffee connoisseur. Our coffee beans are 100% (Type I) Arabica beans purchased from small family owned estate farmers. We do not alter the bean in any form, which means if the bean is naturally dark it's dark or if it's naturally light it's light. Every week we have 6 specialty coffees and 6 flavored coffees that our 30% off regular price plus free shipping. Our coffee is sold by the full pound and not some teaser bag, available in whole bean or ground to your liking. You should give Catherine Marie's coffee a try as you will definitely be overly impressed with our outstanding coffee beans.

http://www.essentialwonders.com/servlet ... esale/Page