Advanced Packaging & Filling Systems: FILLERS


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Jun 2, 2009
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Advanced Packaging & Filling Systems: FILLERS

This is a brief intro to Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) Systems, how the are configured, and examples of products that are typically packaged using this technology.

We wrote this blog for the benefit of our present and future clients to assist in the further development of their packaging processes with a cost-effective, reliable and powerful solutions. We have taken projects dealing with a large variety of products for over 60 years, yet each new project is unique. This guide is not intended as a substitute to a conversation with your packaging expert. Rely on experts that will give you the most cost-effective, current, flexible, and reliable solutions to your investment.

Vertical Fillers are designed to package dry products that cannot or are difficult to transport and control over a conveyor. Granules such as beans, powders such as talc, and pieces such as potato chips all fall into this category.

A VFFS system consists of two components: The Filler or Dosifier, which takes unmeasured quantities of product and rearranges them into measured, repeated doses; The Wrapper forms a bag from one or more rolls of material and, once the product is inserted onto the bag, seals the bag so the product is safely packaged within.

Most Products are filled with three types of Fillers: The Volumetric, The Weigher or Scale, and the Auger.

The Volumetric Filler is typically the least expensive to acquire and the simplest, from a technological standpoint.

If your product is dry and free flowing, does not clump, and has a regular size, you could be in the market for a Volumetric Filler.

Sample Products Dispensed with these fillers include (but are not limited to): Rice, Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Litter, Pet Food, Fertilizers, Cereals, Teas, and Detergents.

The Auger Filler comes in second as far as complexity and cost are concerned. It is equipped with an auger or endless screw, a high-precision electric motor, and a PLC or a microprocessor to control the cycle and the turns of the screw. The Auger takes a given amount from a holding hopper to the fill area under controlled conditions.

It your product is powdery, fine, dusty, or clumps easily, using an Auger Filler may be you optimal choice.

Sample Products Dispensed with these fillers include (but are not limited to): Talc, Powders, Detergents, Powdered Milk, Spices, Soils, Ground Coffee, and Flours.

The Scale typically consists of one or more weighing lines. Each line has vibratory feed system to move product to a weight cell, and a discharge mechanism that activates when the target weight or the dump order is given. These are the most complex and thus the most expensive, but are extremely exact, efficient and can handle the widest range of products. Depending on the packaging speed scale system can include one or more weighing cells, positioned in linear or circular fashion.

Sample Products Dispensed with these fillers include (but are not limited to): Frozen products, products of uneven size or weight, or products that break easily. Frozen Vegetables, cookies, small bags of product, whole bean coffee, salads, hardware, shredded cheeses, chips, machine parts, and pet food are some of the products often packaged with scales.


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Feb 5, 2016
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