Custom Build a Destoner and Weigh and Fill Myself


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Nov 8, 2004
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I bet that at least a couple of you roasters have tried to build your own destoner. I built a mock up trial run destoner to prove my concept to myself. This time of year seems to get me thinking about building projects. I guess it's Cabin Fever?

Anyway here is my main question:

Has anyone built a Destoner for a 12 kilo or larger roaster?

The concept seems straight foward, a variable vacuum system mounted to my main support beam, tube running down to a loading hopper that is directly below the discharge chute of the roaster. The parts in between are where I need some ideas. Where the destoning takes part. A collection bin for the stones to fall into right below the vertical tube going up to the blower/venturi system (vacuum).

Once the coffee travels up from the vacuum it is deposited into a hopper that feeds a simple weigh and fill hopper with a scale and a foot operated release to fill the bags with the desired weight.

Parts suppliers?

I have a buddy who teaches automation and controls at a local Tech College who will be my main help, I hope. I sent him an email to see if any of his students need a project, I hope they do.