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Jan 8, 2006
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Hello, I have just begun to read these posts and there are so many folks willing to offer their expert advice that I am learning a lot. Thanks.

Here is my situation.
I am considering opening a small shop next the Department of Motor Vehicle, Dirver's license office. I do not yet have the DOT data on traffic volume, but the street is a frontage road for a mojor highway. The frontage road traffic is probably somewhat less than desired for a coffee shop. However, I estimate (from sitting out front and counting) that there are approximately 500 people per day going into the DMV. The wait can be as long as 2 hours. DMV vistors pull a number from a machine to place them in the queue. As far as I can tell there is no problem with bringing food and drink into the DMV. I brought a cup in last time I was there, placed it on the counter while I was renewing my license. The woman asked me to move it away from the camera, but it really did not seem to be a problem.

There is a Burger King across the parking lot, but no other food, drink or vending establishments within walking distance. In addition, there is a MY Gym located two units away with 8-10, mostly moms, dropping off kids and waiting for 45min. to an hour while the kids are in class.

My question--How do estimate the number of the DMV vistors that will purchase from me?

I theorize that having 500 people walk by the storefront is great exposure and if the coffee and service is good, they could become repeat customers or at least word of mouth advertising.

Any thoughts or exerience with this type of site would be greatly appreciated.

Your ideas are good but no one can ever project the influx into a business. Given the fact and I don't mean to stomp your dream, 80% of all new businesses fail in their 1st year. I don't have any idea how much business experience you have but Be sure to do your research and a great business plan there are many free on the net. If you would like to try something a little less risky maybe my link might help you.
Good luck and keep me posted on your endevours

I personally I think it is a good Idea.

Not sure that you would have lot of regular customers, Some of the DMV workers and maybe regular DMV customers like auto dealers if that DMV handles registrations also. You should be able to get some gym folks if you can get some flyers into the Gym.

But I'm not trying to saying you would not have much buisness, just not to many regulars customers becuase, how often do folks really need to go to the DMV? Basically your just hoping that some of the folks that go to the DMV see the coffee shop and want a coffee.

Is there anything else around there ? Shopping, residential, anything that could provide a solid Regular customer base? If there is (like a residential area) then I think you could grab a more steady base of customers.

Well I'm not sure I helped all that much but hopefully It gets you thinking about it in an additional way.
Hey ccmc:

I have to say I agree with both G & G and LBCS. Although your intentions are good, you must think things through a little more. Visit a few other areas and study the drive by traffic like gas stations on the way to work in the mornings, shopping centers, i.e. Safeways, Krogers or whatever supermarkets are in your area, any area leading to commuters traffic heading to work in the mornings. This would be a good place to start. Keep in mind you want steady customers not every once in a while stop byes. In any case good luck :wink: