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Sep 24, 2008
Salem, MA
I am new to the forum and very new to coffee in general. I like it black with two sugars. I picked up some Archer Farms French Vanilla last night and it''s okay but nothing special.

What i really want to know is what kinds of coffee everyone would suggest. I plan on grinding my own once I get a coffee grinder. I don''t like it very bold but the mild blends tend to be a little lacking in flavor for me. Any suggestions?
Jan 18, 2008
Me personally, I prefer bolder flavors. I just bought some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe after being on Sumatran coffees for a month. Maybe its just me, but I'm having to use nearly twice the amount of Yirg. as I did Sumatran just to achieve a full bodied flavor. Otherwise it tastes like hot water, disappointing. I might try grinding the Yirg. finer.

I'm now mixing a bit of the finely ground Sumatran with a coarser ground Ethiopian. Nice smooth balance, but not quite what I'm searching for. After this, I'll go back to Kenyan, which I think is becoming my all around fave.

Use higher coffee to water ratio on your milder coffees.
Lower coffee to water ratio on your bolder flavored and darker roasted coffees.

= Welcome to the forum.

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Sep 4, 2008
Deep South, GA
Welcome also...

Everyone's tastes are different, so my only advice is to try everything you can get your hands on and see what you like. Caffe biscotto above has some good suggestions and if you check out his webpage, he has some links to (at least one) MA roaster. Buy fresh roast if you can, compared to the grocery store stuff...the taste difference is remarkable.

Personally, I like these guys quite a bit :

but it would be a bit counterproductive for you to order from them since they're so far away and there's roasters up North just as good.

Let us know what you find out and enjoy!

Jan 18, 2008
Looks like someone just earned some biscotti points.
Thanks for the mention omegapd!:grin:

Yeah, I ground finer this afternoon and what a difference it made. The Yirg blossomed in flavor, both in the french press and the one cup brewer. Fuller, all around flavor, start to finishhh.
Still doesn't provide the syrupy slaphappy sting I crave and receive from Sumatran.
(I know, I'm just inventing stuff now, sorry pros. But the journey continues.)


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Aug 5, 2008
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mmmmmmmmmm. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is my favorite coffee. I usually make it in my french press, and i love it. It has such a wide range of flavors. However, this varies from crop to crop, so you can get a bad batch. This is true with most African coffees though... :(

Carolinesugar: how are you making your coffee? Drip machine? If you want to have more flavor in your coffees you can try using a french press, but I agree with omegapd, you need fresh coffee!


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Oct 6, 2008
Hi crinolinesugar! Welcome to the forum :)

Since you find mild coffees rather bland, and the bold coffees too, well, bold...then I recommend trying out something in between :wink:

Coffees from Latin America often have a medium flavor intensity, such as Guatemala or Colombia. Guatemala coffees have a generally cocoa flavor profile, so you may enjoy drinking this coffee with your favorite chocolate dessert too.

As for coffees from Colombia, which are often nutty in flavor, you could try to pair them with a walnut brownie and get lost in the intermingling of this coffee and nuts in your mouth.

If you just want plain coffee (minus the pasties I mentioned), then I'm sure you will enjoy them as well for their medium body and balanced flavors.

Hope these suggestions help.