Advise Please: What to do about coffee oils, and beans, and flavoring inconsistency


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Feb 22, 2020
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Hello again coffee lovers! Recently I had been using flavored coffee for blending. I had been getting into experimenting with coffee oils and their effect on the overall flavor of coffee. When I went from using a paper filter in my Aeropress Go to a metal one, it caused too much oil in the coffee and made it too strong for my liking. Lately, I have been messing around and really trying to bring the nuances of each bean into hot coffee so I decided to give it another try. I dialed back the amount of beans that I have been using and used the same metal filter to allow the bean oils through and that really did the trick! One day I was drinking a flavored coffee and I noticed that the flavor really was not there. These were really good flavored beans from Rouse’s and I have never really had a problem with them before. I thought it had been something else so I looked no further into it. Then when I had gotten to the bottom of the bag I had this really great amount of vanilla flavor. I was almost overwhelming and I knew something was off. I eventually noticed this same phenomenon in my other Hazelnut coffee and even in another non-flavored coffee. Even at the time of writing this post I had made a French Vanilla Iced Coffee and did not really get the same flavor that I normally do. I dug to the bottom and the Vanilla smell nearly knocked me out when I pulled up a few beans for sampling. So what I’m wondering is do y’all notice this too and what can be done to prevent this? I was thinking of storing the beans in Mason Jars and rotating them every now and then to prevent the oils from settling at the bottom and keep the flavor spread throughout.