Am I addicted?


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Jan 4, 2008
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Well, I have a can of relentless energy drink every day, this is about 500ML with 32MG of caffeine per 100ml, or I have 1ltr, or 4 cups of instant every day, is this normal? Plus I get really anxcious when I think, \"oh tomorrow Ill lay off the drinks\".When I do stop I get Spike headaches, stomach pains, drowziness, generaly feeling crap. I asked my friend and he said to try this forum, any ideas?
Caffeine Addiction

Only you know if you are a caffeine addict. I have always been very interested in this topic and although I feel at times I am somewhat addicted, I still drink two cups if brewed coffee a day. Most likely you have a small caffeine addiction thing going on, but then again so does the entire world. Caffeine is the largest consumed pychoactive substance in the world.

Caffeine Addiction Information Resource.

I found a lot of info on caffeine addiction there, but I wouldn''t worry since you seem to be quite normal.

From on caffeine addict to another--bottoms up... :D
addiction or not

When dealing with too much of anything, beeing coffee, drugs or whatever, one should consider laying off for (at least) some time. Can't say I do that myself, seeing that I drink too much coffee, alcohol and smoke. Anyway, when I feel sick (or simply strange), I try to cut down.
Can't say whether I'm addicted, got a habit - or it just feels great - but too much is never enough, and the limit is really what you make of it. Don't let anyone tell you what's RIGHT, but let them show you what is proven healthier. There is no clear evidence to when caffein dosage becomes harmful, so you figure it out.. :)

Ah your fine. I dump between a 1/2 and 3/4 gallon of coffee down my throat 5 days a week. Then I switch over to Diet Coke which results in 4 to 8 cans. Then nights like tonight when I have a fridge full of Guinness I'll knock back 4 to 6 pints. You only have one life to live. You might as well live it to the fullest. Water bland and we've been drinking it plain for the last 30,000 years. I say to the heck with plain water and drink what ever makes you happy!
Mmmmm Guinness. The foam from a Guinness is not unlike the crema of a good espresso. :D

Morten, I agree, only good can come from laying off of something that bothers you for awhile. Or just cutting back for awhile. I don't believe that anyone should stop something they enjoy (as long as it's legal of course). I enjoy a bottle of good red wine once in awhile. I also like rum & juice and a good beer. Just because I have an occasional tendency to go overboard with it doesn't mean I need to quit altogether. I've learned to appreciate what goes into a drink, whether it be coffee or liquor. I worked part-time at a brewery and also took some tours of a vineyard. The more I learn about alcohol, the more I respect it. The same with coffee now. Some days I can drink a whole pot of coffee, other days I start feeling weird after only a couple of cups, so I call it a day.

Morten, nice avatar by the way, is that a strawberry latte or something?
@ davidsbiscotti:
Actually, my photo was taken a night with way too much alcohol! :wink: If I remember correctly, it was simply brown sugar, (a lot of) whisky, a little cocoa and milk shaken in a mixer, then poured in to a dark cup of coffee (yeah, we were drunk!)

Coffee and alcohol, 2 good things combined.. :D

I agree with Ccafe, do what the heck you feel like.. It's your own choice! Guinness is a must.. Did ya have a nice Paddy's Day?
i''ve never become addicted luckily, not sure why, i drink a lot of coffee during the week but if i go a few days without i''m fine.

although talking of coffee, might be time for another cup