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Apr 19, 2010
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Well I did something impulsive and bought a roaster today. It's never been used, still in the crate and will be shipped from Florida soon (I hope). After roasting with a heavily modified BBQ roaster for many years I've decided I need a bit more control and a less smokey roast. I hope I didn't screw up with this purchase. I don't even know how old this roaster is but it looks to be 2008 or so. I paid $5500. with shipping and according to ebay/paypal I have some protection from fraud...hope so anyway. I've missed so many deals that I jumped at this one. I know the latest version looks different than this but I'm hoping this is a fairly new version. Can anyone comment? Thanks. ... Ebayambex#
congratulations! did you buy it on ebay from Ambex? there should be a date on the roaster. mine has it right on the front. I'm sure it will be a great roaster for you!
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I just heard from the seller. They retired to Florida from NY and opened a restaurant. They bought the roaster about 18 months ago and it has been sitting her kitchen since...never run or hooked up and not a scratch on it. The restaurant became too much to run and they had a good offer and sold it. I think this is a legit sale and I'm going to call her later to confirm shipping, etc, which they are paying for. I bet it's natural gas so I might have to convert unless I run some gas line to my shed. Don at Ambex confirmed the model and said he would have bought it if I hadn't. I think I got very lucky...for a change, lol. So what did you do for a cyclone? I'm not sure how this version collects chaff, if at all. I have a cyclone but it's not a 4" inlet. I think it's 3" inlet and 4" outlet.