Another B2C Machine Destined for Landfill ?


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Nov 8, 2021
England UK
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I am really fed up, maybe its our hard water here in South England UK , though I am on my 3rd B2C machine in 6 Years . Its probably a case of 'Planned obsolescence' . Since my experience of these machines failing , I am suprised there isnt more comprehensive forums divided up by machines types, where we can possibly synergize together to find fixes , never mind I couldn't find , so wound up here .

More to the point then, my previous two machines failed with the same problem - water bypassing the coffee and going to the bypass tray . I am not stupid and know how to use a screwdriver . I even fixed my first Automatic B2C machine ( Delonghi ) I completey stripped it down and replaced all the o Rings, even on on the Valve Block ( about 10-15 of them) - only for it to fail again a month later ..

However I digress onto the third machine , a Phillips Saeco HD3000 Series . It seems the Saeco share the same parts as other market leaders such as Gaggia, so I am hoping this will be a more documented or known issue

This machine however has a different problem, the coffee is extremely weak . The coffee after being ground is not forming into a puck , it just gets dumped in a powdery form into the 'used bin' . However I got it like this , so I don't know if I am expecting too much here?

This machine has already been dismantled since it the spout tends to get blocked ( leads to slow flow ) fix for that is shown here . I noticed when disassembling the grinder allows a greater degree of adjustment ( when disassembled) outside of the fine adjustment screw . Though I marked it up and put it back as it was left . I think perhaps adjusting the grinder for a finer grind ( not just the adjustment screw) , however the dumped coffee grinds already seem very fine .

If I was to guess it seems the coffee grinding simply doesn't grind enough for the express pressure to be strong enough . Though I have no idea how to address this , as its automatic/ digital machine .

Any help would be appreciated