M31 Bistro LaCimbali problem


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May 13, 2023
Taranaki New Zealand
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I have a M31 Bistro LaCimbali machine.
The machine is slow in making coffee, even though the the water pressure at the porta fill is 9.5bar.
At first I thought it might be a blocked orifice, (there is two of them) but they were both open. Orifices or restrictors for the water are about 1 mm in diameter.
It is not the coffee or grind, because I have used the same brand for years and it was working normally.
I have also back-flushed and there is nothing wrong here.
The machine is hooked up to city-water.
The machine will eventually finish, (after about 4-5 minutes) but the coffee has very little cream on top.
Hope somebody out there can put me in the right direction. (My wife is not happy in the mornings...)

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