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Jan 8, 2022
Hi everyone:

I have had a Rocky/Breville Infuser combination for 6 or 7 years without modifications and was well pleased with them . Then I started doing research on the best espresso machine for my sister's Christmas present. Now I am going down the espresso rabbit hole.

I ran across a stepless mod for the Rocky posted by Snoby on the Home Barista site, and decided to kick it up another notch. I just posted some mod pictures to my Rocky on my first post. I hope it helps others with retention issues and not enough steps on grind size.

You can see my answer to the retention problem on my earlier post's pictures. Now when I put 18 grams of coffee in my Rocky I get 18 grams out. It does require that you wait until the motor stops spinning completely before inserting the tool to remove the retained grinds. I then give the switch a quick bump afterwards to expel any leftover grinds.

I am using a bottomless portafilter, scale, timer and camera to record my shots for analysis. Like I said I am going down the espresso rabbit hole. I then added a dosing funnel, a distribution/tamper, made a black walnut WDT tool and holder, and modified my portafilter holder to hold the bottomless portafilter. It currently takes me about 5 minutes to make a latte using my current process. My coffee is decaf (doctor's orders) Don Pablo light roast purchased from them directly where I can get a date roasted.

It is an interesting journey. Who knows where it will end.