Anxious and jittery if I DON'T drink coffee


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Jul 29, 2016

So to cut to the chase, I've been a pretty anxious person for almost as long as I can remember myself. Later I found out, that drinking coffee calms me down and enables me to function like a normal human being lol. Say I'am panicky, drinking coffee ALWAYS calms me right back down and gets me back on track.

So What's in it and what could possibly the reason for it that I get a calming/normalising effect which completely counters and destroys anxiety which is very counterintuitive? Is this reaction more common than I think? Or maybe it's related to a blood pressure for the most part (I tend to have BP within normal range but quite a bit lower than what would be considered "perfect". But again, BP is always within normal range.).

Yeah, interesting...

PS. As you can probably already tell, what I'am experiencing is definitely NOT the case of caffeine addiction/tolerance build up.
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Aug 7, 2013

You.You might want to ask your mother how much coffee she drank during pregnancy...could be the presence of caffeine during that nine months is now psychologically associated with calmness and nurturing, whereas the lack of caffeine became associated with the after birth detachment and postpartum anxiety. Of course if I'm right, it'd be a lucky guess. But I'm sure I could apply for and get a government grant to do a study on this...just sayin'... :decaf:


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