Anyone use Ambiente Espresso by Schaerer


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Mar 7, 2005
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I am still researching Espresso Machines and was lead to believe, the GREATEST on the market for a Coffee Shop is an Ambiente 15SO DUO-PS (Power Steam) by Schaerer. Has anyone used one and can you give me some feedback? They are EXPENSIVE, but I definetly want the Best to start to Coffee Shop. HELP, again, Please!
I am not 100% sure I agree with you on this...I think, seriously, you should be looking at a proffesional machine, with seperate grinder unit. These types of machines (Scaerer/Saeco/Jura etc) are excellent for small businesses, hotel breakfast rooms, airport lounges, home etc...but don't really do justice to the true ambience of a cafe. You want to have full control over the drinks you prepare, which means being able to adjust the grind whenever its off, play with shot times etc. Just my 2c worth...maybe look at some other options- La Cimabli, Astoria etc


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May 8, 2005
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sorry to revive an old thread, but i want to warn everyone in the world about this machine... its horrid.

I manage a coffee shop that currently uses this machine. (hey, i had no say in the equipment... it was all purchased befor i got there)

The power steam feature is okay as a concept. Never burning milk is a good idea, but an experianced barista shouldnt really have to worry about this... and the actual steaming wand is so violent that its hard to get a GOOD foam (you know, the thick, small bubbled kind...not the 8 year old in a bubble bath kind...) with skim or soy.

Plus, the sensor isnt ever consistant. The weather somehow plays a big part in how the stupid thermometer reads... i dunno... but when it burns milk late at night, but says its done steaming at only 120 degrees around 3 pm, id say there is something wrong there. The guys around here that are liscensed to work on the machine swear there isnt any thing wrong with that...

So on top of a violent inaccurate auto steaming useless stick... you only have one violent inaccurate auto steaming useless stick. so productivity goes out the window. along with only having one group of espresso spouts.... so its impossible to make a venti latte correctly. you have to wait 20 seconds in between the first two shots, and the final shot.

ugh.... in short its a POS, and the idea behind the machine was so that any old joe of the street or fresh out of the mcdonalds drive thru register could automaticly be an efficient barista..... NOT worth the lack in productivity and quality if you ask me.
Hey Icarian. Thanks for the post. I think you hit the nail on the head...this and most plastic cased superautos are great for small home/office or low volume use...but they will never have a place in a cafe turning over volume and requiring steam on a constant basis. I see it here (in Indonesia) all the time. For a cafe savng money by going for a superauto small machine means a loss of revenue in the long run. Hope it works out for you-good luck!
I could add don't let some machine control your coffee! As a roaster I agree whole heartedly with barefoot... I would rather my clients use a semi-auto (as per listed+ I should put a world in for my fav machine- San Marino from CMA) and then make sure the barista hired are passionate about coffee. A machine has no heart, no soul...there is no replacement for the barista.
The Schaerer and the other superautomatics exist because this isn't Italy. Barista is not a $60,000 a year job in the US. For the $8 an hour that kids at Dunkin Donuts get paid, don't expect a barista who can handle a semi-automatic.

If you do have the passion for coffee and that is an important part of why customers visit your store, skip the superautomatics. And if your baristas are making $60K in the US, do you have any openings?