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Mar 9, 2010
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My name is Patti from Austin, Texas. I am starting my research on possibly opening a coffee house near campus. I am already self employed and know the hard work in running a business and grew up in my mom and dad's market. I came upon a location near campus that doesn't have competition near by and is surrounded by student housing. There are pluses and minus's to the the location, but worth researching. That's why I came to the site to ask questions of those who are experienced to hear their honest advice or opinion on my situtation.


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
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Hi Patti " bgaassoc"

Welcome to the Coffee Forum website. You will find a lot of useful information here.

Your user name bgaassoc has a spammer look about it, and I have a feeling it will deter some of the other forum members from reading your other posting (the one about opening your own shop). I am one of the forum moderators for this forum. So, before I approved your most recent post, I edited the font color etc. to give it a more "user friendly" look. I hope it will help. We'll see as time goes on!

In the meantime, I feel free to use the search function that you will see at the top of your screen. You can type in whatever coffee-related topic you're interested in, and you will probaly find enough information to keep you busy for hours!

Again, welcome to the coffee forum website. We hope you will visit often.