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Jun 5, 2006
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Hi all, I am new here. Lots of great information on this forum. I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Maybe it's an obvious answer? Well here it goes...

I am writing a business plan for a coffee kiosk. I would like to offer muffins, cookies and such for sale but I don't want to have to mess with the hastle of baking them. Where would I get them from? Can I just go to a place like Costco to buy them and then resale them? Should I find a local bakery who would be willing to work with me?

Just wondering what you all do...any advice would be appreciated.

you can go local pick them up and resell, you can have a local bakery deliver or you can ship in from anywhere and freeze till you need them. remember a kioski is not about baking its about location and conveince for the customer, a kiosk is usually placed at a location to catch large amounts of people on there way to somewhere, find a mix of baked goods that sells well and works into your scheule (going tyo pick up supplies will get tiresome after a while.
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Thanks for your advice muddycup. I guess I will need to find a place that is convenient for me and provides good products for my customers . I surely don't want to run myself ragged. Or else I will end up looking like this bean! :-D
like MC says you could have them delivered by the local bakery. we tried the costco resell bit for awile, but with the bulk you have to buy and no place to store the unsold, and nobody wants to buy anything over a day or two old. you tended to give to much away just to get rid of the items. with a local bakery you can see what sells and order the quanity to limit the waste. Plus you dont have to many leftovers to bring home at the end of the day.

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