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Jun 1, 2008
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I recently bought a grinder from the Aabree coffee
company-a Capresso Infinity. It's not real expensive,
about $90. My question is about grinding for french press coffee. The grinder has 16 positions ending with four in the course position. I was told to use course for my coffee, but this grinder doesn't grind the coffee very course, at all. In the most course position, it looks like all the coffee I've ever bought. This is my first press and I'm getting only a few grounds in my coffee, if any, so is this normal? I had just assumed
that course would be COURSE! Any comments?


Jim Halford
I used an Infinity for French Press for several months & had good luck using the coarse settings. You can use a drip grind for press brewing if you shorten the brew time. If you are happy with the flavors don't worry about it.

I have a Capresso Infinity grinder too. I think it does a great job in all of the settings. (Even though it's a pain to clean)

I'm not sure what you're looking for. Are you looking to get grounds in your French Press coffee? ..... Or are you looking for the coffee to taste good?

Some people can use a French press and not get any grounds in their coffee, and some people end up with lots of grounds. If you want to see grounds, maybe you should consider using a "less course" setting number on your grinder so the grounds will slip through the French Press filter and end up in your finished brew.

Personally, I think it's great that you're not seeing a lot of grounds in your coffee. I never liked the crunch of the coffee grounds as I'm drinking my coffee, plus they get stuck in between my teeth, which is very annoying to say the least.

If the coffee tastes good after using your French press, then your Infinity grinder has done its job.

If you want a REALLY coarse grind for Press Brewing buy a KitchenAid Pro grinder. As set up from the factory when you grind on the #1 setting the coffee looks like small wood chips! When I was still using it for press brewing I was up around #3-3.5. Now I use a Zassenhaus knee mill for press grinding as it produces a more uniform grind. The KA Pro set to #1 does work well with the Toddy system so its out of retirement for the summer.