"Beans for thought"


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Nov 24, 2006
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There was a young woman, who after enduring all sorts of adversity, returned home to visit her mother. After telling the mother that she was at her very end and she could not take it any more, the mother asked her to follow her into the kitchen. There she got three pots out, filled them with water and put them on a high flame. When they came to a rapid boil, she put carrots into one pot, eggs into another and ground coffee beans into the third. Then she sat down without saying a word. After a while she got out three bowls, in one she put the drained carrots, in another, the eggs and finally into the last she ladled the coffee. She asked her daughter, what do you see? She answered carrots, eggs and coffee! Then the mother drew her close and said, touch the carrots and the daughter said that they were soft. Then said told her to crack the eggs and she found the egg hard and stiff. Then she said sip the coffee and she smelled the wonderful aroma and tasted the rich coffee. Sitting down she ask; mom what does it all mean? She said that the water was the exact same adversity; the carrots, eggs and coffee were three different types of people. The carrots were the strong willed person that jumped into the adversity, thinking I am strong enough to make it and through the torrent process was turn into something soft and weak. The eggs went in fragile, weak and unsure, through the tough trial was turn hardnosed and stiff-necked. But when the ground up coffee beans had gone through the same adversity, they released all that they had into the water. And instead of the water changing the grounds into something, the beans influenced the water enough to change it into something wonderful and enjoyable. Then she turned to the daughter and asked, “Which one are you”? Just some beans for thought!!!

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